Diadora: Make it Bright

Industry: Sportswear

Geo: Europe

Services: Paid media

We worked together with the brilliant team from SMFB to deliver a full suite of programmatic activity in seven markets for Diadora during the launch of their Make it Bright campaign. The plan included:

  • Display
  • Programmatic video
  • Content publishing partnerships
  • Native advertising
  • Desktop wallpapers

The creative assets were created by MediaMonks.

The total paid media budget was over 4.5 million euros, Advant Technology managed a 1.4millon euros of this over a period of 3 months.

The aim was to raise awareness of the sports brand’s Make it Bright campaign. The campaign began with one person ordering a pair of N9000 shoes online, and unknowingly pressing the start button of a spectacular relay run 1,500km across Southern Europe. 70 runners from 10 different countries participated and passed the shoebox all the way from Milan to Barcelona. While the run took place, people were able to keep track of the process of the parcel as it made its journey.

Diadora got in touch in relation to the launch of their new shoe range as they wanted our help to promote it. Most of Diadora’s customers were male and the brand wanted to strengthen their recognition among a female audience. The KPI set:

‘To increase sales of running shoes 18% YOY with 30% of customers being female”


Programmatic strategy
We used banners to deliver inexpensive impressions with a 2.17% CTR. By going programmatic rather than direct we gained approx 5x more impressions.

We drove traffic to their Heritage collection by targeting affluent audiences 35-45 years old interested in publications such as GQ, Vanity Fair, Forbes, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Financial Times.

Through our strategy we achieved an overall 74% completion rate and recorded a 6.7% CTR across the whole campaign in the UK!


Social media strategy
By using clever targeting on social media, 13 million people ended up watching an average 68% of the 3 minutes long film on YouTube, creating 15% additional views worth €58,000 of free media.

Tweets provided more than 15 million impressions and 2 million video views resulting in a 30.7% increase in engagement.

More than 5 million views within the youngest audience (18-34 years old) with an astonishing 74% completion rate.

The activity resulted in a 7000% search lift in Germany & the USA

We also commissioned 50 bloggers who provided more in-depth engagement of over 3 million impressions across social media.

Diadora worked with independent brand research agency TNS to measure the effect of online advertising and saw an incredible uplift in brand awareness and perception.



  • Online sales went up by 47% with the product line selling out 2 weeks before the end of the campaign
  • Female sales increased by 65%
  • Intention to buy: +43%
  • Brand perception increased by 106%
  • 38,845,358 video views
  • 15M impressions on Twitter
  • 74.15% competition rate in a long-form video

We have also worked together with other sports brands including Chelsea FC and Laureus Sports Awards.