Blizzard Activision World of Warcraft

Blizzard Activision World of Warcraft

 Target Audience

Focus on Male Audience 35+

Interest in gaming

The problem

World of warcraft part of the Blizzard Activision Group with a turnover of $6.5bn is a powerful force in the gaming industry. World of Warcraft has been around for many years and is constantly reinventing itself with new addons, but the brand is reaching saturation. To reach new audiences outside they need to look outside of the traditional communities using existing image and video assets.

Summary of Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness and drive qualified traffic
  • Identify lookalike audiences that fit key Blizzard titles
  • Deliver a positive Return on Ad Spend
  • Drive incremental growth from outside of the Google and Facebook ecosystem
  • Increase awareness for game launches and upgrades




Video was a big part of the World of Warcraft story and they had multiple assets. As with any brand awareness campaign when running video advertising we’re looking to ensure the following goals

  • Brand Safety
  • Completion Rate
  • Viewability
  • CTR

We, therefore, turned to in-app app game advertising, more specifically rewarded video which delivers very high completion rates averaging 95%, that are 100% in view with 100% share of voice and yields CTRs in the region of 4% on average. The CPMs are much lower than VOD platforms so naturally this made huge sense and would give Blizzard excellent awareness for their marketing investment.



Our Strategy

  • Start from the ground up, connecting programmatic platforms with data exchange and attribution tools
  • Work with third party data specialists who have reach in LATAM
  • Focus on ROAS through monitoring and optimizing funnel with a clear understanding of both direct and assisted conversions
  • Implement an effective full-funnel retargeting solution that allows Blizzard to own the data and the tools and thus implement pixels on site.
  • Driving re-engagement via sophisticated retargeting strategies, taking into consideration upper funnel behavioral signals and factoring in recency windows from an initial site visit.
  • Negotiate the best contracts on behalf of Blizzard for media buying and ad-serving.



8.60% Click-through Rate (vs YouTube industry average CTR 0.33%** Pre-Roll industry average CTR of 0.59%***

95.75% Audible and viewable on complete AVOC**** (vs MOAT AVOC standard is 22.5%)


*MOAT VIEWABILITY metrics helps to determine how many of trackable impressions were in view upon page load

** Adstage

*** IAB Benchmark report q1 2018

****Partly inferred for audio



Advant Technology worked with Paid and organic search specialist SEM International who managed the client relationship from their HQ in California where Blizzard is also based. Here’s what CEO Michael Bonfils had to say:

“ Technology continues to be our programmatic advertising partner of choice because of the results they deliver.  I don’t know another agency that can deliver 98% audible and viewable on completion and with a CTR of 8.6%. The campaign was a great success and helped deliver a big sales boost for Blizzard and their title World of Warcraft”



What made Advant different in this campaign is to look outside the box and find a gaming audience that gave the biggest ROI. Advant looked at a range of channels but knew that in-game rewarded video advertising would be both highly targeted but also deliver high reach with moderate investment levels. It’s this type of thinking that sets us apart from you’re your average Joe agency who would probably have just whacked the budget on Facebook or Google without too much thought of going further than the norm!