• It needn’t require an MBA

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    February 25, 2015

    It needn’t require an MBA to be able to see that websites are increasingly using imagery to captivate their audience in an attempt to create a higher quality user experience.


    One of the core reasons considered for this ascent, which is sometimes perhaps overlooked, is that the burst in photo-based social media can be attributed to the much more prominent availability of both fibre and 4G Internet.


    No one likes a slow website however with people running faster machines with faster connectivity, users, whether using tablets or desktops, are now able to navigate and interact with vibrant and wonderfully engaging websites and applications. The increasing availability and usage of retina displays has meant that we are able to harness the beauty of images, make them the centre of what we do, how we interact and what we enjoy. Bigger screens with more vivid colours trigger more evocative and polarity extending responses, this in turn has provided brands with an ever increasingly important platform from which to utilise. There is now an opportunity for creating a cleaner web, where brand advertising and publishers can meet in a native capacity.


    The ability to broadcast a photo instantaneously to the world, be it on Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram…the list goes on, has created a world in which billions of photos are constantly uploaded. These photographs are instantly shared on the web, with many of us culpable of naively believing them to be worthy of being on the cover of National Geographic! My own delusional photography self-grandeur aside, being able to display and share photos, as well as seeing others photographs is a fascination which exists throughout everyone, it’s at the crux of so many social media platforms and it is the reason for their success. Take a look at any of the social media platforms and we can see how they all operate with imagery at the very core of how they allow us to communicate and where consumers attention is drawn.

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