• Highly Viewable

    According to Google, a shocking 56.1% of all ads are not viewable. Brands deserve better! Our formats only launch when the user comes into view of the ad, meaning highly viewable ad placements. Increase your ROI with ads that actually get seen!

  • High Impact

    In-image ads aren’t just highly viewable, they also make a greater impact on the user. There is an intrinsic link between consumers’ attention & publishers’ images. When a user arrives at a page, the first thing they notice are images. Our ads sit at the core of this focus, delivering campaigns that viewers don’t just see but really notice.

  • Premium Publishers

    Advant Technology has a global footprint with reach across parts of Europe, North America, LATAM, Asia & the Middle East. We work with over 600 premium publishers. We have a stringent policy in place to ensure that our partners provide only the best content and audiences. To view our publisher policy, click here

  • Key Word & Contextual Targeting

    Our revolutionary patent-pending image recognition technology, along with a cloud-sourced team of over 2,100 trained professionals, analyse every image in our network. Our technology breaks down the pixels within the the image itself, identifying objects and themes according to the latest open RTB standards. Advant’s cutting-edge keyword technology helps advertisers target their campaigns to highly relevant content & images. The result is better performance & ensures consumers are more interested in the campaigns they see. Find out more about our keyword targeting

  • Immersive Experiences

    Our world class designers will produce rich creatives tailored to the aims of your brand campaigns. Our creatives are big bold and immersive and are only activated when the consumer chooses to initiate them resulting in real consumer attention They’re great for distributing video of all lengths and encouraging social interaction. Features in our social pull which feed in your social channels including Facebook , twitter or even Pinterest feeds. It doesn’t stop there, games, galleries & maps can all be included in our brand canvas.

  • RTB/ Programmatic enabled

    Whilst you can access our inventory and formats directly, we are also open RTB 2.3 compliant. Our partnerships incorporate multiple leading SSP’s (supply side platforms), which in turn connect us to the world’s largest DSP’s (demand side platforms) and agency trading desks.

  • Desktop and Mobile

    Use of smartphones for internet browsing currently lies at 80% globally (comScore, 2015), which is why our formats span across desktop & mobile to generate maximum reach & awareness for your campaigns.


Premium Advertisers

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