About Us

The central aim of Advant Technology is to marry together the best publishers with the best advertisers, using the best solutions.

We do this by paving the way in online advertising with innovative new ad formats that are both engaging and effectual, culminating in excellent return on investment for advertisers and user-friendly ads for publishers.

In-image advertising lies at the heart of our mission. Interactive and impactful, in-image advertising is set to revolutionise the world of digital advertising.

A powerful combination of unobtrusiveness and high viewability are an inherent part of what makes in-image advertising the trailblazing format that it is.

Backed by the most advanced technology unique to our solutions, our ads provide a level of effectiveness unparalleled in the market. Time after time, Advant delivers campaigns that provide first-rate results for advertisers and fantastic CPM’s for publishers.

Advant believes that advertising only works well when publishers don’t have to compromise the aesthetic quality of their content. That’s why we work with publishers to find the optimal solution to integrate. With a multitude of technological capabilities ever-present through our services, we endeavour to procure the perfect arrangement for every site in our network.

Supplying highly relevant, eye-catching advertising is key to Advant’s vision. In this way, rather than being a kind of necessary evil, ads can serve as a complement to publishers’ content; monetising it in the most effective way possible.